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  1. Adele Camisole
    Adele Camisole
    As low as $59.95
  2. Alexandra Camisole
    Alexandra Camisole
    As low as $41.95
  3. Alice Lace Leotard
    Alice Lace Leotard
    As low as $49.95
  4. Allison Lace Leotard
    Allison Lace Leotard
    As low as $58.95
  5. Annabelle Camisole
    Annabelle Camisole
    As low as $37.95
  6. Caroline Camisole
    Caroline Camisole
    As low as $32.49
  7. Charlotte Debut Leotard
    Charlotte Debut Leotard
    As low as $19.95
  8. Charlotte Leotard
    Charlotte Leotard
    As low as $27.50
  9. Charlotte Lycra Leotard
    Charlotte Lycra Leotard
    As low as $24.50
  10. Cleo Camisole
    Cleo Camisole
    As low as $39.95
  11. Devon Leotard
    Devon Leotard
    As low as $37.95
  12. Eleanor Leotard
    Eleanor Leotard
    As low as $35.95
  13. Elizabeth Leotard
    Elizabeth Leotard
    As low as $43.95
  14. Eloise Ribbed Camisole
    Eloise Ribbed Camisole
    As low as $42.96
  15. Eloise Velvet Camisole
    Eloise Velvet Camisole
    As low as $42.96
  16. Emery Leotard
    Emery Leotard
    As low as $25.50
  17. Estelle Leotard
    Estelle Leotard
    As low as $52.95
  18. Florence Leotard with Skirt
    Florence Leotard with Skirt
    As low as $49.95
  19. Freya Camisole
    Freya Camisole
    As low as $34.50
  20. Giselle Camisole
    Giselle Camisole
    As low as $42.96
  21. Grace Lace Camisole
    Grace Lace Camisole
    As low as $49.95
  22. Gracie Leotard with Skirt
    Gracie Leotard with Skirt
    As low as $46.95
  23. Hailey Lace Leotard
    Hailey Lace Leotard
    As low as $59.95
  24. Heidi Leotard
    Heidi Leotard
    As low as $32.95
  25. Iris Camisole
    Iris Camisole
    As low as $37.95
  26. Isabelle Lace Leotard
    Isabelle Lace Leotard
    As low as $56.95
  27. Jenna Camisole
    Jenna Camisole
    As low as $39.95
  28. Jesse Debut Leotard
    Jesse Debut Leotard
    As low as $23.95
  29. Jesse Leotard
    Jesse Leotard
    As low as $29.50
  30. Jesse Long Sleeve Leotard
    Jesse Long Sleeve Leotard
    As low as $39.95
  31. Joni Leotard
    Joni Leotard
    As low as $54.95
  32. Karli Camisole
    Karli Camisole
    As low as $40.95
  33. Katherine Camisole
    Katherine Camisole
    As low as $37.95
  34. Layla Lace Camisole
    Layla Lace Camisole
    As low as $49.95
  35. Lucia Camisole with Skirt
    Lucia Camisole with Skirt
    As low as $47.95
  36. Mara Leotard
    Mara Leotard
    As low as $44.95
  37. Mila Lace Leotard
    Mila Lace Leotard
    As low as $56.95
  38. Millie Leotard
    Millie Leotard
    As low as $56.95
  39. Natalia Camisole
    Natalia Camisole
    As low as $37.95
  40. Ophelia Camisole
    Ophelia Camisole
    As low as $35.95
  41. Penelope Leotard
    Penelope Leotard
    As low as $28.95
  42. Perry Hot Short Unitard
    Perry Hot Short Unitard
    As low as $42.96
  43. Perry Unitard
    Perry Unitard
    As low as $59.95
  44. Samantha Leotard
    Samantha Leotard
    As low as $40.95
  45. Scarlett Lace Leotard
    Scarlett Lace Leotard
    As low as $58.95
  46. Selina Leotard
    Selina Leotard
    As low as $32.95
  47. Sophie Leotard
    Sophie Leotard
    As low as $62.95
  48. Sophie Leotard
    Sophie Leotard
    As low as $58.95
  49. Star Leotard
    Star Leotard
    As low as $49.95
  50. Star Leotard
    Star Leotard
    As low as $44.95
  51. Tiffany Contrast Leotard
    Tiffany Contrast Leotard
    As low as $40.95
  52. Tiffany Leotard
    Tiffany Leotard
    As low as $40.95
  53. Viola Lace Camisole
    Viola Lace Camisole
    As low as $48.95
  54. Viola Velvet Camisole
    Viola Velvet Camisole
    As low as $44.95

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Energetiks has the best range of dancewear in Australia, including dance leotards for girls. Our leotards are made in Australia using Australian fabrics for enhanced lines, comfort and durability. We’ve spent more than 30 years perfecting the fit and cut of our leotards for kids, so young dancers can look, feel and perform their best in class, rehearsals and concerts.

We offer an extensive range of girls leotards perfect for ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles as well as gymnastics, acrobatics and more. Choose from styles with short sleeves, long sleeves and dance leotards with attached skirts. Our girls leotard sizes are specifically fitted for dancers of all ages. We have sizes for kids as young as two years old so that even baby ballerinas can begin enjoying dance. Energetiks carries leotards for girls in approved uniform styles for popular ballet syllabus examinations. 

Stand out in class with our beautiful fashion leotards for ballet, jazz and contemporary. We have gorgeous lace leotards, bright colours, metallic fabrics and fun prints to suit every personality. Express yourself on non-uniform days with on trend leotards that are comfortable, beautiful and inspire you to dance for life.

At Energetiks we love dance as much as you do. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, our experienced staff are here to help you find the leotards, dancewear and accessories you need to live your best dance life. Shop for dancewear online, in store or visit one of our many local stockists around Australia.

Reach out today to learn more about how to choose the best leotard for your dance needs. We also offer a broad selection of other dancewear, including skirts, topsshorts and pantsdance shoesunderwear and hosiery for a complete and functional dance wardrobe. Let our friendly, expert staff walk you through the choices. Ask about our sale with reduced prices on skirts, leotards, crop tops and other accessories.