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  1. Aero Singlet
    Aero Singlet
    As low as $56.95
  2. Brayden Tank
    Brayden Tank
    As low as $39.95
  3. Brooklyn Logo Jacket
    Brooklyn Logo Jacket
    As low as $74.95
  4. Caleb Tank
    Caleb Tank
    As low as $39.95
  5. Calvin Tank
    Calvin Tank
    As low as $38.95
  6. Cameron Hoodie
    Cameron Hoodie
    As low as $55.95
  7. Cameron Logo Hoodie
    Cameron Logo Hoodie
    As low as $69.95
  8. Eden Jacket
    Eden Jacket
    As low as $99.95
  9. Jordan Jacket
    Jordan Jacket
    As low as $84.95
  10. Jordan Pullover
    Jordan Pullover
    As low as $74.95
  11. Joshua Tee
    Joshua Tee
    As low as $44.95
  12. Parker Logo Tee
    Parker Logo Tee
  13. Parker Long Sleeve Tee
    Parker Long Sleeve Tee
    As low as $39.95
  14. Parker Tee
    Parker Tee
    As low as $29.95
  15. Robin Logo Tank
    Robin Logo Tank
    As low as $52.95
  16. Robin Tank
    Robin Tank
    As low as $36.95

Showing 16 items

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Do you need quality tops for men? Energetiks has got a great selection of dance tops, as well as men’s tops for other high energy activities. If you’re looking for clothing that’s designed for movement, then our range has got you covered.

Whether it’s T-Shirts & Tank Tops or Jackets & Hoodies you're after, Energetiks’ men’s tops are the perfect layering option. What’s more, they look great with other dancewear items from our range. Be a step ahead when it comes to style, put together a comfortable and casual look today with Energetiks.

The Energetiks range of T-Shirts & Tank Tops for men come in sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve styles. Choose from round or V necks in a variety of colours. We’ve got classic men’s dance T-shirts along with relaxed sleeveless tops for urban style. Whatever you select from our range, you’re choosing super comfortable clothing that looks sharp and moves with you.

If you’re looking for outer layers, why not shop our excellent range of men’s Jackets & Hoodies? Here you’ll find the perfect tops for warming up or for making your way to class. Our outerwear is stylish, comfortable and made for guys who love to move. We’ve got a range of fits, too – sculpted, relaxed and slouchy – get the right kind of jacket or hoodie for you.

Many of our men’s tops are products of Australia, and made with high quality, high performance, breathable fabrics —perfect for the Australian climate! You’ll always be cool and comfortable in Energetiks’ tops.

Shop the complete range of men’s tops at Energetiks today. Don’t forget to look at our other men’s dancewear items: Leotards, Shorts & Pants, Dance Shoes, Accessories, Underwear and Limited Edition clothes.

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