Energetiks Pointe Shoe Fittings

Not many shoes have the power to completely transform their wearer the way a pair of pointe shoes can. Stepping 'en pointe' is an exhilarating

moment for a dancer, one that - quite literally - allows them to reach new heights, and perform feats that far surpass what was once thought possible.

Why get fitted by a professional?

Understanding the intricacies and complexity of the modern pointe shoe design requires not just the insight of a dancer who has worn the shoes themselves, but an analytical attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics of a dancer’s feet. Pointe shoe training at Energetiks requires extensive theoretical and practical understanding.

Our Pointe Shoe Fitters are trained to assess each foot based on shape, flexibility, strength and alignment. These characteristics are then matched to a shoe that will best support the dancer.

At Energetiks we understand that every dancer has unique feet and finding the right pointe shoe will allow you to perform with confidence, enhance your line and offer perfect placement.

We have a wide selection of pointe shoe brands on offer help us to facilitate finding the model of pointe shoe that best suits the dancers foot shape, technical needs, ability and personal preference.

What to expect from your Pointe Shoe Fitting:

  • Allow at least 1hr per dancer for your fitting
  • Arrive with any padding you like to wear and your previous pair of Pointe shoes if applicable
  • Please advise your fitter if your dance studio or company has any specific requests for your shoes or your padding
  • We recommend trimming your toenails before your fitting so that you are comfortable whilst trying on shoes
  • If you would like to have your dance teacher attend or request a particular Pointe shoe fitter, please contact the store you are booking with

Booking an appointment is easy!

Start by selecting your preferred location, date and time and filling in your details. Please advise in the note section if this is your first time having a Pointe Shoe fitting and the name of your dance school. Once you have completed your booking an Energetiks Pointe Shoe Fitter will be in-touch with you to confirm your appointment.

Appointments made are for one dancer only, to avoid dissapointment please allow 48 hours notice when booking your appointment.

If you wish to book sooner or make an appointment for more than one dancer, please contact your local Energetiks store via telephone.

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