Our mission at Energetiks is to inspire and support dancers to perform well and live well.

From an original supply of dance basics carefully designed for the dancer, to a brand with an extensive collection of dancewear that is coveted by dancers around the world, our 28-year history is one we are incredibly proud of. Our founders, Karen Tsonidis, Lynda Chapman, and Gail Gardiner are dancers who have lead the company from the very beginning and are now at the head of a brand that has created a positive shift in the Australian dance industry. Their passion and dedication has developed a strong team of staff, many of whom are still professionally dancing, and who weave their insights and experiences into our global brand.

Our commitment is to create the finest quality high performance Australian dancewear by pushing boundaries and continuously improving and developing new products that satisfy our customers. At Energetiks, our vision beyond our products is to create an ever-expanding community that supports and inspires every aspect of your dance life.